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  1. The Real Ethnic Composition of Modern Greece
  2. The book that demolishes the Greek myth in Macedonia!
  3. NATIONALISM AND THE MIDDLE AGES: The Myth of Creation of Slavic-Bulgarian Nation...
  4. Macedonian and Slavic Placenames in Greece and Albania
  5. Detsa Begaltsi
  6. Forgeries in Modern Greek History
  7. I am a pure Macedonian.
  8. The Stromata (Book I), Chapter 16.
  9. What if...."Thrace to the Thracians!"
  10. Nation and State: The creation of the Modern Greek
  11. Gorani - Macedonian Muslims from Kosovo
  12. What is modern "Hellenism" and "Hellenic" culture?
  13. A peculiar trend
  14. Wrong genetic perspective for Macedonians and others
  15. The greatest lie ever exposed.......
  16. Прогонството на Македонците од Грција (7)
  17. The Macedonian question still follows its phantom proverbs
  18. Population transfers that made Greece Greek!
  19. Pontians, Who are they ?
  20. Chalkidiki the only Greek speaking part of Ancient Macedonia!
  21. Modern Greece 1st constitution, a "Greek" is a Christian, 1827!
  22. Rigas the Vlach defines who is a “Greek”, 1797!
  23. The Parliament building in Athens is full of original Macedonian names!
  24. Ethnic map showing where Albanian was spoken in the Peloponnese, 1890!
  25. William Leake "Travels in Northern Greece" 1835
  26. Virginia Woolf - Travels in Greece
  27. Allan Upward - East end of Europe, 1908.
  28. National Census' in Greece
  29. How many ethnic greeks in greece?
  30. A challange for our modern Greek friends
  31. Slavic Migration Theory - 'The Evidence'
  32. Just How 'Greek' Was The Byzantine Empire???
  33. What Made The Byzantine Empire 'Greek"???
  34. Greece 'Invisable' Italians
  35. Paisius of Hilendar - Паисии Хилендарски
  36. Finally the truth has been released..
  37. False Impressions of Macedonia: 19th-20th Centuries
  38. Pirinci=Pirin Macedonians
  39. Macedonians in USA
  40. Greek government agrees there is no “Province of Macedonia” in Greece!
  41. Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood - Anastasia Karakasidou
  42. Greek MEGA TV report from Eksi Su village- Lerinsko
  43. Makedonika is not a greek dialect!!
  44. 1ad to 1800ad - WHERE ARE THE HELLENES?
  45. And how exactly was "greek" culture 'regenerated'?
  46. Philiki Eteria founders most likely Vlachs & Slav
  47. Albanian was the first to raise the "greek" revolutionary flag
  48. A Question For Our Modern Greek Friends???
  49. Albanians in Greece
  50. The Truth about Chaeronea - Macedon vs Greece
  51. More modern "greek" thievery
  52. Must watch video. Where albanians originate!
  53. Macedonian Patriotic Organization
  54. I seek an honest answer from todays "hellene"
  55. The pen is mightier then the sword
  56. excerpts from captain evans
  57. Greek Name Games
  58. How obsessed was Bavarian King Ludwig?
  59. nice video...
  60. Greeks supposedly answer Victor Friedman "allegations"
  61. Chronicle Of The World -By Jerome Burne (Educated at Oxford University) 1989
  62. Modern Greece and the Macedonian Heritage – Part 4 - Why Greece and not Arvanitovlach
  63. First ever university in modern 'greece' a German model
  64. Modern "greeks" pre-1821 did not think Byzantine Empire was 'greek'
  65. Parthenon was used as a mosque plus much more....
  66. USS Macedonian & HMS Macedonian How did they get the name ????????
  67. The creation of New Sparta
  68. Modern "greeks" cultural pre-construction by the Bavarians
  70. And did the Christian Turks that flooded Macedonia really feel 'greek'?
  71. There was nothing 'greek' about the ancient Macedonians, by Gandeto
  72. the worst enemy of the macedonians are the media supported from SDSM traitors
  73. is there a connection between the macedonians and the slavs, what means slav?
  74. ALexander the Albanian
  75. 1908 article shatters the Serb,Bulgar,& modern"greek" myths of Macedonia
  76. Origins of the Greek language
  77. Greece the most artificial state on earth
  78. How did modern "greeks" in the 18th&19th cent. learn about Ancient Hellenic names?
  79. The Omaha Daily Bee,Sunday,June 20,year 1890
  80. Who Are You? (youtube clip)
  81. Mark Spots Where Heroes Fell
  82. Deconstruction of the term Bulgar/B'lgar/Bugar/Voulgar!
  83. And for the record the Albanian fustenella was influenced by the Macedonians
  84. TerraNova recognizes Macedonian ethnicity .........
  85. 'Greece' The Spoilt Child Of Europe
  86. Pavlos Melas - Letters, 1904.
  87. Macedonian language recognized in Spirou Mela's book!
  88. Black Athena - The Fabrication of Ancient Greece (video)
  89. Schaubert, a German, created modern Athens
  90. Dragoumis "greek"Macedonian 'patriots' are Albanians
  91. Salvanos (1925) and Penelope Delta (1937)
  92. Lies dont travel far - Pandora Bakoyanni and her math knowledge
  93. Hellenic civilization as we know it was invented by the Science of Antiquity
  94. Hellenization of the Ancient Macedonians
  95. An interesting dedication with interesting proof
  96. Turkish - Greek common words
  97. Macedonian were Barbarians in Ancient times!
  98. The REAL linguistic compostion of Greece, census data 1907-1981!
  99. Damaging NY Times Letter Destroys Bulgarian Propaganda
  100. What a lovely response by Alexandra Aleksovska
  101. The EU and the Re-Writing of History
  102. J.B. Bossuet, inventor of the term 'Hellenistic'
  103. They can deny all they want to but Macedonian is spoken in 'greece' & Bulgaria!!!
  104. The first President of Greece was an Albanian, 1824!
  105. who are the greek leaders born in macedonian in the 1800s
  106. Language Continuity
  107. Old Kaplan Resuli interview about false Albanian history
  108. Charilaos Trikoupis - Prime Minister of Greece 7 times between 1875-1895
  109. One of modern Greece's most fanatic nationalists is...CHINESE!!!
  110. Greek newspaper acknowledges the Macedonian language, 1905!
  111. Modern "greeks" being called descendents of the ancients was 'cliche'
  112. Constantine Simonides - Greek Forger
  113. "Greek" Revolutionaries Perform the Albanian National Dance
  114. The Fall of an Empire - Byzantium
  115. Mala Prespa-Albanija
  116. Macedonian Writings in Greece
  117. The Miss Stone Affair
  118. The return of the Hellenes!
  119. Russian Influence in the modern Bulgarian Language
  120. Who gave the Greeks the right to take away the Macedonian language?
  121. 18th-19th century 'greek' intellectuals saw Anc. Maks as conquerors
  122. Greece, a perfect example of barbaric country?
  123. What did R.G.A. De Bray say about the Macedonian language?
  124. Oliver Stone and Alexander movie
  125. Greek common descent.
  126. Communists and the Macedonian Question by Pantelis Pouliopoulos!
  127. Greece recognizes the Macedonian language in 1916!
  128. Greece and the United Nations recognizes the Macedonian language in 1977!
  129. Greece and the United Nations recognizes the Macedonian language in 1982!
  130. find albania on this map...
  131. Georgios Karaiskakis half Vlach half Macedonian???
  132. 'Greeks' are Spoilt Savages
  133. 19th century Athenian Albanians didn't mind Elgin taking parthenon marbles!!!
  134. Why Macedonians chose Communism in Aegean Macedonia???
  135. How "greek" was ancient Macedonia???
  136. BarBar= Macedonians = gabblers
  137. What aspect of modern Greek culture is actually 'Greek'
  138. "makedoncheto" on utube did it again, support please
  139. The Sore Spot of Europe (1920)
  140. Comment on "The Vlachs of modern Greece!"-post on our front page.
  141. Origins of the modern 'Greek' flag
  142. Another response to the Obama letter - This time from Oxford
  143. The Utter Destruction of multiple modern "greek" myths in 3 1/2 pages
  144. Truths and Lies about Macedonia - Part 3 - Rebuttal
  145. History of the Modern Serbs
  146. 'Greek' documents confirm Macedonian ethnic identity
  147. Population of Macedonia and Adjacent Areas
  148. Architecture styles proves Greek Continuity theory
  149. Greece, History, Truth
  150. The Apology of an Anti-Hellene - N.Dimou
  151. CIA Double deals in Macedonia
  152. Rita Wilson (Margarita Ibrahimova)
  153. Ernest Hebrard Transformed Solun into a 'HellenoEuropean' City
  154. Macedonian language course for Greeks - 1904!
  155. Lord Byron History Channel Biography
  156. Victor Friedman tells the TRUTH!
  158. To debate (these Greeks) or not to debate – that certainly, is a debatable question!
  159. The Arvanites considered themselves to be Skipetars(Albanians) in 1814!
  160. Historical Vandalism
  161. Do Ancient Greeks have African Origins?
  162. Formal names of UN member states - clearing up some misconceptions
  163. Origins of Ancient Greece
  164. The Greek colonization of Macedonia since 1913!
  165. Tito brainwashed Petko R. Slaveikov to find Macedonians in 1871!
  166. Total ignorance or deliberate forgery (GRC - MKD) - Rebuttal
  167. Proper/Improper use of terminologies
  168. Alexander the Great did not spread "hellenism"
  169. Greek language oaths, forcing Macedonians to speak Greek, 1959!
  170. Who are the Phanariots?
  171. What was Athens like in the 12th & 13th century???
  172. Македонскиот јазик во 1915 година заверен на &
  173. Mythbusting a propagandists blog
  174. We used to speak Albanian and call ourselves Romans!
  175. Modern Greeks being a messy Greco-Roman-Slavic-Turkic-Semitic lot!
  176. Lenos Hristidis tells the Truth
  177. ATHANASIOS claims to be a Ancient Macedonian, here is his origins!
  178. Greece: Made in Germany
  179. Another neo-hellene myth busted.
  180. Origins of Albanian language and ethnos
  181. Chronicle of Monemvasia
  182. Bulgarians have a history of falsifying documents
  183. Greece: Made in Germany pt 2.
  184. Romanism vs Hellenism
  185. Journalist spreading dis-information about Macedonians
  186. Greek orthodox church
  187. Another Question For Our Modern Greek Friends???
  188. Travellers, Philhellenes and visions of Greek music
  189. Traian Hadjidimitriou predavnik and scum of the earth exposed
  190. Alexander the Great was short in stature
  191. Decisive blow to the gigantic greek manipulations with the history
  192. Oldest Karamanli misses home!
  193. Macedonian-Bulgarians?!
  194. Greek Censorship of books today
  195. Dienekes' salto mortale!
  196. German Nazis acknowledges the Macedonians in secret document, 1942!
  197. The past is the future of Europe
  198. How the Greeks are stealing our music
  199. An interesting text about Macedonia from 1918!
  200. The Arvanites of Central Greece, the Slavs and the modern Greeks!
  201. 'I am a descendant of Pericles', 1922!
  202. When Macedonians make a wrong turn on a forked road
  203. Sofija and Athens in coalition against Macedonia
  204. Why were the Macedonians styled as "Greeks" in the 19th Century?
  205. Who are the Macedonians? book review by Alexandros Kosmas Kyrou
  206. The Existence of a Macedonian Minority in Greece!
  207. Macedonian American Council –National Center Detroit
  208. Capo D'istria called them Christian Turks too
  209. Climategate......
  210. Agamemnon mask - another forgery?
  211. The Greko-Turk struggle against Macedonia
  212. Sarakatsani...more modern 'Greeks' with Turkish origins
  213. The "Greek Minority" in Albania are Orthodox Vlachs
  214. I can't tell the difference. Can You?
  215. Another Myth BUSTED:Dimítrios Sémsis was Macedonian, not 'Greek'
  216. WikiAnswers
  217. Greece pays Macedonian Journalists, Politicians to Support Athens
  218. Policy of england at the present crisis, with respect to greece
  219. Eric Hobsbawm writing about Macedonia and 'Greece'
  220. Greeks acknowledging the Macedonians
  221. Myth and migration
  222. The Greek "province" of Macedonia, fact or fiction?
  223. The institutionalized construction of the "Super-Greek" mentality!
  224. Yugoslavian documents provide arguments against Greece
  225. macedonia founder of UN?
  226. Alexander's monument in downtown Skopje was planned six years ago
  227. Greek Gen Sec of Education: Identity created in 19th Century
  228. America Abroad: Greece's Defense Seems Just Silly
  229. Takis Mihas Famous Greek writer and fighter for human rights
  230. Mayor of London Boris Johnson on Greece (1993)
  231. Slavic Identity!?
  232. "They call themselves Macedonians"
  233. Destroying the Bulgarian myth of Macedonia in WWII
  234. The Existence of a Macedonian minority in Bulgaria
  235. C Delisio: The [Nov. 7, 2004] Referendum: Macedonia's Failed, Fatal Opportunity
  236. "Minoan Civilization" book from 1964
  237. Nationalism and the National Myth by Dimitris Litoksou
  238. Modern Greece claiming to be the ressurrection of Ancient Greece is a Concoction
  239. The Macedonian Imprint - Green and Hammond
  240. Are you born or do you become Greek? TM's special reply
  241. The dark age of Greece
  242. Is the 'greek' claim to Constantinople valid?
  243. Busting the "Vergina Tomb" myth
  244. Breaking the Myth of Evangelis Zappas
  245. Mideast Jews, Palestinians
  246. History in the Remaking
  247. Were the Macedonians who fought in the 'greek war for independence' Greeks?
  248. Evgenios Voulgaris 'greek enlightenment' figure was a Bulgarian
  249. Politics and the creation of "Slavic" history
  250. Athanasios Psalidas (1767-1829) on Macedonia's inhabitants