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Default Crnobuki new archeological site

The Village of Црнобуки (Crnobuki) a Village in the Bitola region is apparently becoming a big Archeological site in Macedonia.
The ancient city that they found is called Lyncus i think it was apart of the kingdom of Lyncestis.

Here is some information:

About the site

Gradiste Crnobuki, Early antique city Lyncus (?)

Crnobuki village is situated on the Balkan Peninsula, Macedonia, in the south-west Pelagonian plane, 10 km northern from the town of Bitola.

Shemnica river divides the village into two parts.

Over the northern periphery of the village, dominate the ancient acropolis of an ancient city.

The Acropolis was fortified, and it’s dimensions were : 305 x 140 / 90 meters.

The area occupied by the acropolis is 2.5 hectares.

The highest elevation, were we are assuming that the city's temple was located, is the subject of our excavations in August 2010, is 674 meters.

The ancient inhabitants formed two residential terraces around the southwest, southern and southeastern slopes under acropolis by leveling of the natural landscape and later fortified them.

This urban area of possession from 10 to 12 hectares. But this ancient city spread to the south and flat part of the left bank River Shemnica.

With this size, the ancient city at Gradishte, Crnobuki exceeds all known ancient established settlements and fortresses of civilllian or military character in whole surrounding of Bitola, as a part of Lyncestis.

Life in the city and its immediate surroundings, on the basis of surface research, confirmed the continuity from prehistory (through Bronze and Iron periods) to Antiquity.

In the early Roman period, the civilized center was transferred to the new town of Heraclea, now in Bitola. The rise of Heraclea was apparently imposed by Rome, due to the strategic position of being a crossroad between the Diagonal road (Serdica - Stobi - Heraclea) and Via Egnatia (Constantinople - Thessalonica - Heraclea - Lychnidus - Apolonia / Dyrrchachium)

Hypothesis for the ubication of Lyncus

At the time of which we are referring, when King Arrhabaeus I ruled the kingdom of Lyncestis in the 5th century BC, Heraclea did not exist as a city.

Since all known archaeological sites in the area of Bitola’s part of Lyncestis, the only site that meet’s the criteria of early antique city before Hellenistic period is the city of Gradiste, Crnobuki.

Hypothesis suggests that the site Gradiste Crnobuki was the City of Lyncus, the center of the kingdom Lyncestis are based on the detailed description of Tit Livy (Military maneuvers since Roman - Macedonian War, 199 BC) when the armies of the Macedonian king Philip V and the Roman consul Publius Sulpicius Galba in Pelagonia built their camps in a triangle between the cities Lyncus – Bryanium – Styberra.

And here is a website.

Macedonian and proud

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Crnobuki niz vremeto
The Macedonians originates it, the Bulgarians imitate it and the Greeks exploit it!
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