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Originally Posted by Voltron View Post
Chento, you should quit your whining, when the Admin changed the your section to R. Macedonia all the Greeks including myself (at the time) were attackng that change insisiting he change it to FYROM as in the UN.
Voltron, Macedonia went to the UN with ROM and from what I know, the UN administration had no problem with that name. It was only until Greek pressure led to the name change to the acronym.

I don't know of any other countries that had a problem and contributed to the name change.

So yes it is listed in the UN under the acronym but only due to Greek pressure and nothing else. By stating that the name is listed there only, you are miissing one very important part of recent history being due to Greek pressure.

You and your cohorts insist on the UN acronym when it suits but as per the ICJ hearing it didn't suit you then, did it?

Hence this is why any dialog with a Greek degenerates to a retard level and a waist of time.

It is high time differences are reconciled where Greece comes to terms that there is a Macedonia outside of Greece and is a separate country. Nobody has the right to enforce a name change.
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Originally Posted by chentovist View Post
Ah bre rexy, tuka sum bre. To clarify though, I have only just registered here.
For all my Macedonian brothers and sisters, I was posting on the 'Illyria forums' as Chentovist aswell. I was even made a Senior Moderator. I left because the Admin of the site made rex a moderator of the Macedonian section, who then proceeded to edit my posts and move/delete my threads. So we had a shiptar moderating a Macedonian forum and deleting threads/posts of a senior moderator of that forum. This was enough for me. They can now go back to their anti-Macedonian ways in peace, without opposition from a troublesome Macedonian like me. They can continue to draw up maps of how best to divide R.Macedonia amongst Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece.

Anyway, it is good to be here.

Pozdrav do site Makedonci tuka.
I know Rexi will be reading this. Why not quote this post from me on the Illyria forums, instead of my other posts? I know the Admin of the site would like more Macedonians there, but this won't happen under current conditions....
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