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Grease and the greeks are just clutching at straws by referring to the Banovina idea. It was a very short period of time in history. A time of a Yugoslav Kingdom. This is a time when King Alexander the Serb was assassinated. Which goes to show what people thought of Serbian control and the idea of a kingdom among differing nationalities.

The greeks are definitely embarrassing themselves by going on about this.
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Will the Greeks help us obtain territory from Serbia? The Vardar banovina compromised a sizable part of what today is southern Serbia.

Or is their logic flawed as usual?

What can one expect of a nation living beyond their means? A third world country believing it has Germany's industry can only achieve one thing, guess what?
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Originally Posted by Daniel the Great View Post
Grks all over the internet continuously use the same boring arguments over and over again against Macedonia and Macedonians, even though they are always proven wrong. This Banovina theory is one that they always use. The Grks are now just embarrassing themselves.
heh, yeah i know its so stupid.

"OMG Republic of Macedonia was called Vardaska Banovina for about 30 years, that must mean they are really serbs" ......

Greece was part of the ottoman empire for 400 years, maybe they are really turks
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George S.
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Half of turkey is really greeks masquearading as turks.Do people really know that the greks don't really know who they are they are trying to be hellenes greeks & macedonians.They can be one or the other not everything.They are stupid with their stupid banovina ideas do people beleive that shit & the serbs give up territory what utter bs.

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