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Originally Posted by Chicho Makedonski View Post
Iím not sure, it could easily be a Bulgarian fabrication. What Iím saying is the term ĎBulgarianí didnít always have an ethnic meaning then. So even if it is authentic it doesnít prove he was an ethnic Bulgarian haha. We know the term didnít always have ethnic meaning so I donít look into it much. I believe if it is authentic it was in relation to his affiliation to the Bulgarian exarchate church as ones identity in ottoman times had a lot to do with faith and affiliation to a church. It could also have been used to denote he was a Ďslavic speakerí or Ďpeasantí as ĎBulgarianí was synonymous with peasant and slavic speaker.
Don't believe Delčev had a very good relationship with the Exarchate so unsure if he would identify himself with it. Not even 100% sure if he was a part of that millet to be honest.
I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.
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