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Default GREECE MACEDONIA would exchanged for Cyprus and territories in Asia Minor

Not sure if this has been posted before....?

GREECE MACEDONIA would exchanged for Cyprus and territories in Asia Minor

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 12:12:07 PM

England and France to save Greece, despite her will. Possession of Macedonia urges Greece to interfere in the quarrels of all Slavic Balkans. Possession of Thessaloniki is the downfall of this great port can not live without much background. To lose Macedonia and get Asian islands and territories, among others, and Cyprus, it's real interest in Greece, as predicted its brilliant statesman Venizelos. It becomes necessary for the Allies, especially France and England, and to impose its will on Athens. They will fail when you liberate Hellas from parasitic dynasty that fail its interests in favor of Germany and which to keep, use the worst feelings of the Greeks - envy and fear. It was easy to access to this necessary operation at the moment when the King, breaking the constitutional treaty and allied with Serbia, dismissed Venizelos, and can always resort to a country which respects only force and the army whose commanders prefer to do not fight, 'he wrote in 1916 In his report on the Balkans and Macedonia to the French Ministry of War French scout Rene Picard.

Expecting to make a final decision, maybe it would be good to declare provisional autonomy of Macedonia under the control of the Allies. If we defeat the Bulgarians, our armies will occupy Macedonia as Greek occupied Macedonia. The population in Macedonia is actually not Bulgarian, nor Serb nor Greek ...

These are the words of Rene Picard, contained in his report of two parts - 'The Future of the Balkans' and 'autonomy of Macedonia' from August 1916, sent by the Bureau of the Second Army to the French Ministry of War.
Picard is a French intelligence officer sent to Macedonia in the wake of World War II in order to perceive the situation on the ground and give its opinion on the future of the region which would find its place and French interests.
The report is detected, then translated and published by the Macedonian professor, Dr. Alexander Apostolov, during his research in Paris almost 40 years, when in fact the ban expired 50 years of using these materials.

This document is of great importance for Macedonia, as characterized Dr. Apostolov, who recently sent a copy and Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki, shows that the recent statement by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the dispute between Macedonia and Greece stood open the side of Athens, no one knows what the historical roots and is motivated by the inability of France to deal with the moves of the United States does not like, so
style of folk and donkey saddle is calculated with smaller countries.

Greece Two Chairs

The time when Picard wrote the report, that is not pink in France. It is in the midst of World War II, only one month before the great slaughter that has brought the battle of Soma, when it is already clear that the west front is almost impossible to make significant changes to any party.
In such a situation of status quo in the West, there are two major threats to allies that carry the advantage of Germany defeats Russia's experiences on the eastern front and the idea of ​​Austro-Hungary and Germany, through Bulgaria to impose its influence through the Balkans and Constantinople, to create an open line to Baghdad.

At that time, Bulgaria was on the side of Germany after the Allies failed to attract to itself because of a dispute with Serbia to Macedonia.
Brtitanija France and tried to get Serbia and Bulgaria to cede the area south of the line Palanka-Veles, Prilep, Ohrid, according to their agreement in February 1912, which, according to Prof. Apostolov, on one occasion the Serbian government responded: 'Rather would pass Belgrade Austrians than the Bulgarians of Macedonia'.

That left Bulgaria out of the alliance with France and Britain, and practically introduced into alliance with Germany.
At the same time, Serbia is shoulder to shoulder with France and Britain, and Greece, at a time when Picard stayed in Salonika, then summer 1916, trying to keep a neutral position, and in fact attempted to sit on two chairs: with ancient Greece, the one Greece in its natural boundaries from Athens to Olympus, headed at that time King Constantine I, who was pro progermanski, while the Greek part of Macedonia, that is north of Olympus, was heard word of Venizelos, one of the most deserved after the Second Balkan War Greece received the lion's share of Macedonia, Greece tried to stand by France and Britain.

Because of these contradictions, Greece in 1916 had a neutral posi-tion, although it is considered that such a position and enabled to waiting to see who will take supremacy in the war, and under it and determine its position.
In such conditions, the Allies appeared a need to protect the line Skopje-Thessaloniki railway line that goes in that direction.
Therefore, the French army, which were already in Aegean Macedonia, on October 13, 1915, the same day when Bulgaria declared war on Serbia, received orders to cross the Serbian border (today's border with Greece RM), and to protect trajectory Skopje - Thessaloniki.

Balkan Federation

That was done, but after two months of fighting with the Bulgarian army and heavy losses, the French had to withdraw and retreat back to Greece.
According to the professor. Apostolov than 40 years ago, they had a special izneduvanje hostile behavior by the Greek army against them and at the request of the Greek government forces of the Entente to leave Greek territory!
Approximately it was a global situation where Picard and his men began to collect data needed for the report which was sent in August 1916.

Indeed France was in the time he needed to make a choice which way to prevent German influence in the Balkans. For such a dam against the Germans, French and required a strong toehold in the Balkans, and there was just such a Greece, Picard assessed as neserozen factor and partner, moreover progermanski the king and the government requires France to leave the Greek territory, Bulgaria has been on the side of the opponent, and plans of France with Serbia were aimed at its expansion to the west.

Spasonosnoto solution is found in Macedonia, so Picard document proposes that it be deprived of Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria:
'If Bulgaria exists 6i it may be an element of stability in the Balkans, even if a meeting in Macedonia. Indeed, the problem is delicate. It is impossible to be deprived of Serbs in Macedonia when preparing our forces together to re-occupy their homes. Such a solution is possible later, when Austria and Hungary defeated will be forced to give freedom to the Yugoslav provinces have over themselves and their future. In that case, Serbia would become a great Hegemon Yugoslav confederation. Then 6i was easier to get them to abandon Macedonia by creating a Balkan alliance.
Keeping the Greek government to us is such that its opposition in no way impede 6i intention of the Allies for the organization you wish to assert the Macedonian territories, Picard wrote.

So, he proposes an autonomous Macedonia within its natural limits specified by Olympus to the south, east to Thrace and the Rhodope Mountains in the west to Debar and Sar Planina, north to Kumanovo. The fact that Macedonia was divided between Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria is not considered a problem because it starts from the Bulgarians will be defeated in war, the Serbs will be offered hegemony in a Yugoslav state, and so would receive compensation for abandonment of Macedonia for the Greeks and spends at least Picard words given their role in the war which ochiglidno French are extremely disappointed.

'England and France to save Greece, despite her will,' continues the French intelligence.
'Possession of Macedonia urges Greece to interfere in the quarrels of all Slavic Balkans. Possession of Thessaloniki is the downfall of this great port can not live without much background.
To lose Macedonia and get Asian islands and territories, among others, and Cyprus, it's real interest in Greece, as predicted its brilliant statesman Venizelos.
It becomes necessary for the Allies, especially France and England, and to impose its will on Athens.
They will fail when you liberate Hellas from parasitic dynasty that fail its interests in favor of Germany and which to keep, use the worst feelings of the Greeks - envy and fear.
It was easy to access to this necessary operation at the moment when the King, breaking the constitutional treaty and allied with Serbia, dismissed Venizelos, and can always resort to a country which respects only force and the army whose commanders prefer to do not fight, 'Picard wrote.

Co, for recorded history left a few facts:
First, that in Greece, sozjunichkata option against the German king, no problem to give up Macedonia in exchange for Cyprus and Asian territories, and secondly that 'heroic' Greek army actually leading commanders who did not want to fight.
Therefore, Picard says is necessary to create an autonomous Macedonia, around which could then bind to a Balkan federation all other surrounding states, and the center would be in Thessaloniki, Macedonia.

Or Bulgarians, nor Serbs, Greeks

Is it feasible?
Is not Macedonia Greek?
Asked Picard answers the second part of the report titled 'Autonomy of Macedonia ":
"The idea of ​​Macedonian autonomy is near to all who know Balkan history.
If we try to ask the Christians in Macedonia, we would answer that autonomy for them is most eligible solution.
There are in fact always been Macedonia and Macedonian spirit ...
Christian Slavic peasant population.
It is known that it is not entirely Bulgarian, albeit more closer to the Bulgarians nor entirely Serbian.
Bulgarians themselves admit that Macedonians are Bulgarians differ from others by being a livelier spirit, more burning with politics and intrigue and more inclined towards art and oratory also shrewder, in a word they are a bit elenizirani.
In Sofia, the Macedonian politicians are dangerous, many Bulgarians from Bulgaria old would gladly hosts Macedonian Bulgarians to return to Macedonia.
They are accused of looting them all, services and privileges.
Many of the Balkans are of the opinion that the Balkans will not have peace and stability while not creating an autonomous Macedonia.
In any case, it is likely that the creation of an autonomous Macedonia would contribute to rapidly develop Macedonian patriotism and spirit ', Picard claimed.

According to him, the autonomy of Macedonia would have the most supporters, mainly in Thessaloniki, especially among the Jewish population, as the city was ruined after the Greeks, who have other ports, governing with him.
However, the significance of Thessaloniki is much greater than it has under Greek rule. The geographical position of Thessaloniki, says Picard, provides important economic importance, which carries adequate political weight.
Therefore, Picard concludes:
'It can be argued that either never have or Balkan federation that Thessaloniki will be in it at the same time port, economic and intellectual center.
Very well looked would the future of Thessaloniki as a free city, the capital of an autonomous Macedonia and the center of Balkan federation ...
Greeks are now masters of the whole South Thessaloniki and Macedonia.
Their behavior towards us and to their allies, leaving the healthy policy to be enclosed in a narrow and kukavichen Reckless egoism, do not contribute to make large and against their will.
It has been proven that they are not the height of his happiness 6i could reach - and therefore unable to take the management of the Balkan federation, their peripheral position, actually excludes the federation ...
If reasonably analyze things and create an autonomous Macedonia, it is the only way to not let Thessaloniki to fall into the hands of the Greek enemy. It is the argument that it should be noted Mr.. Venizelos, if you need to shrink Greece at least in Europe.
(The operation could be performed by substituting, for example, Cyprus and countries in Asia).
Let's not call that a landing at Thessaloniki sozjunicite, they assumed the obligation to hand over to Greece over Macedonia ", said Picard.

As to the Bulgarians, he thinks that after their defeat in the war, they will change sides, but not by giving Macedonia:
'We will stick our hands in the chunk you desire, which fought a war.
If after one defeat, in any case inevitable, they get rid of King Ferdinand and seek peace, we will give Macedonia, but also reasonably be reconciled when you see it as an autonomous under our wing, than to see it in the hands of Serbs or Greeks, and future opportunities will be closed and Macedonia will become bait to draw in a Balkan federation ...', a French spy.

HE 30SHT0 they arise?

The question of Serbian Macedonia, he considered the question of podelikatno Greek Macedonia, due to open support and alliance in World War II reigned between France and Serbia.
The solution would be found in the spread of Serbia to Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro, ie the creation of Yugoslavia, under Serbian hegemony (which was done after the war), after the Serbs would give up Macedonia in favor of autonomy.
Then, Macedonia would become part of a joint Balkan federation.
That, says Picard, is the only way to ensure future peace in the Balkan Peninsula.

And ends with the following sentences:
'To monitor all the solutions that will lead to the establishment of forces strong enough to boost the German bar pressure.
The Balkans do not need small countries such as dust, which is the desire of the Germans ever drafted by Bismarck, but needed a strong force.
Giving and Thessaloniki on any small Balkan nation, do not miss this opportunity, but the important opportunity that should create a force in the Balkans able to be considered in Europe as a great power and gives them respect as the Germans, and the the Russians.
Basically, it would be a solid Serb-Romanian Union (25 million inhabitants) strong enough to be joined Bulgaria, first with a contract, and later, maybe, a federal road.
Greece almost be important for the future of the Balkans.
She always missed the opportunity to become great.
Macedonia will play a major political and economic role and its allies will be the means by which they will interfere in the affairs of the Balkans, and will not be able to leave after the victory, because the expensive felt I'd made it, 'Picard finished.

Why did this have come about?
In his introduction to the promotion of the translated document in 1971, Dr. Apostolov said that the reasons for it, 'are numerous and profound.'
Among them, he said the following:
- When this position was established, the outcome of the war was not yet known, and the Central Powers achieved successes of fronts;
- In 1916 tsarist Russia was still at war as a member of the Entente, so that you belong to becoming a master of flows (Bosporus and Dardanelles).
If this optimization, the only autonomous Macedonia and the Balkan Federation under the influence of Western powers, members of the Entente, you can prevent and Russian and German influence in the Balkans;
- October Revolution changed this situation, so after the defeat of Germany and the removal of Russia from the scene, the danger was no longer flows, but it appeared another threat: the removal of Macedonia at the hands of the Balkan countries, while under the influence of the October Revolution to provoke a revolutionary process with them. Thus, by sacrificing Macedonia, the Western allies actually began to defend themselves against Bolshevism in the Balkans.

However, without this document testifies to a completely different position in relation to France and Greece in relation to Macedonia, it is now promoting her husband of Carla Bruni and what actually is no novelty, but has its own continuity from the time of Francois Mitterrand.
But in a country which proclaimed the principle of 'liberty, fraternity, equality', which is able to be the fun of that principle, and should no longer be expected.

Independence of Greece

Without Macedonia - Two Paddy COUNTRY

These days the Greeks celebrated 187 years since the start of the revolution for liberation from the Ottoman Empire, which ended thanks to the British in 1828.
Although the first Greek Constitution was adopted already in 1822, considered the recent history of Greece begins with recognition of its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832.
The first leader of independent Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias was assassinated in 1831.
Co assistance of the United Kingdom, France and Russia next year in London, Greece declared a monarchy, and its first king is a prince of Bavaria, 17-year-old Otto of Vitelsbak.
He arrived in Greece in 1833 by a British warship.

In 1862 because of a dispute between King and Prime Minister Constantine Kanaris happen that no military unrest Otto leaves Greece.
King then asked the Greeks to be one of Britain's royal family, but it was prevented, and the place occupied by Otto Dane George I, who in 1863 sat on the throne when, as once its predecessor, had only 17 years.
He ruled until March 18, 1913 when the age of 67 years on it has been assassinated.
He inherited progermanskiot King Constantine I of Greece saw its land whom the First World War.

Greece's role

In March 1913, Alexander Shinasi committed murder over King George in Thessaloniki.
After this the throne sat his son Constantine I, the first Greek king born in Greece (George was from Denmark) and the Orthodox faith.
Constantine was married to the sister of Kaiser Wilhelm germansiiot, was educated in the Prussian Military Academy and of course, was progermanski pro.
While Eleftheros Venizelos, one of the greatest Greek statesman and one deserving of Greece without much trouble, but with unprecedented crimes in 1913 was 51 per cent of the territory of Macedonia, wanted to enter the war on the side of British and French, Greece, Constantine sought to remain neutral, arguing that the country is tired after the Balkan wars.

Britain has offered Smyrna and Cyprus if Greece entered the war on the Entente side.
Later the offer was increased and encompassed even Constantinople, although he was reserved for imperial Russia.
Because of this, Constantine dismissed parliament and scheduled elections to win Venizelos option, followed by a new dissolution of parliament for refusing to accept King and Venizelos went to war against Germany.

Bulgaria enters World War I in October 1915 as an ally of the Central Axis - Germany and Austria-Hungary.
Because of this, the same year France and Britain are unloaded in Thessaloniki and occupy Macedonia, which creates a kind Venizelos parallel power of the King.
Thus, Constantine's left to rule the ancient Greece, a Venizelos took power in Macedonia.
In August 1916, while the western front is the battle going on Soma, one of najkravite in World War II, the Greek army and gendarmerie ask Venizelos to establish prorevolucionerna government in Thessaloniki, under French protection.

In December 1916, the French occupy Piraeus, bombed Athens and Greek naval force to surrender.
Troops loyal to the French King shoot, leading to a battle between French and Greek rojalisti.
In the end, Constantine is leaving the country without actually abdicate, a place his son Alexander takes. Enter Venizelos in Athens in June 1917, after which finally grchiite troops to join the Allies.
Otherwise, King Alexander died in 1920, bitten by a monkey.
The Greek military losses in World War II amounted to about 26,000 people that is 10 times less than the Serbian losses or 8 times less than the Bulgarian.

The Macedonians originates it, the Bulgarians imitate it and the Greeks exploit it!
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i don't think greece would do that as it has exhausted all feasible optons.Whatever it was greece can only blame itself for getting into debt .Any workable solution would have been considered if it were feasible.
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