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Default Oldest writing/tablets in Macedonia and Greece

More out of curiosity than anything what I'm really looking for (and hoping you can help me) is something along the lines of...

A list of the ancient Hellenic city states and the oldest discovered writing/tablets, in Greek, in those city states and some view on which centuries BC were there "many" such tablets/examples.

Similarly, I'd then like to see the same for Macedonia, basically what are the oldest "Greek" tablets/writing and their frequency over time in the centuries BC.

I guess I want to see how widely used was Greek writing and from when, across the hellenic city states, and how does that correspond to the use of Greek witing in Macedonia - i.e. was it used as early as in the hellenic city states, or was it prevalent among the elite and educated later on (i.e. was it imported and when)

Anyone know where I can find/collate that?
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You can use this site:
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