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Originally Posted by Liberator of Makedonija View Post
Macedonia until really the reign of Philip II was divided into 'Upper' and 'Lower'. Lower Macedonians were town dwellers in lived in the flat fertile planes whilst Upper Macedonians lived in the mountains and were mostly tribal Illyrians.
LoM, come on brother - what are you doing? Please take a step back my friend and proof read your posts before you press send. If you're not quoting from the Greek propaganda handbook (The Macedonian Kingdom itself was not homogenous), you're quoting from the Shiptar propaganda handbook (Upper Macedonians lived in the mountains and were mostly tribal Illyrians).

When Greeks aren't claiming Ancient Macedonia as one of their city states, they try to muddy the waters by claiming the Macedonian Kingdom was not homogeneous but a mixture of various peoples, with Greek speakers making up the majority. The rest of the "Macedonians" were apparently diglossi they claim (i.e. bilinguals) to help explain away certain sections in ancient literature that goes against their claims.

As for the Shiptari, their whole argument for claims on Macedonia is based on the idea that the Ancient Macedonians were Illyrians and that they, as the descendants of the Ancient Illyrians are the rightful owners of Macedonia.

Upper Macedonia was made up of various regions including:

Dassaretia - Ohridsko bordering Illyria. The capital was the ancient town of Lychnidos (i.e. Ohrid). The Dassareti were not an Illyrian tribe but an integral Macedonian tribe that made up the Ancient Macedonian nation.

Orestis - Kostursko. The Orestians were not an Illyrian tribe but an integral Macedonian tribe that made up the Ancient Macedonian nation.

Pelagonia - Prilepsko, Krushevsko and Mariovsko (including parts of Bitolsko and Lerinsko). The capital of this region seems to be have been the recently discovered ruins in Staro Bonche (Mariovsko). The Pelagonians were not an Illyrian tribe but an integral Macedonian tribe that made up the Ancient Macedonian nation.

Lynkestis - Bitolsko, Lerinsko and Prespa. The word means "land of the lynx" which makes sense, seeing how a small but thriving population of these elusive felines still call Mt. Pelister their home. The region's capital seems to have been Heraklea Lynkestis while the Lynkestians, themselves, were not an Illyrian tribe but just another Macedonian tribe that was also absorbed into the Macedonian kingdom.

The other regions that made up the rest of Upper Macedonia are Tymphaia, Deuriopus, Atintania, Elimeia and Eordaea, all of which are located in the western half of Aegean Macedonia.

Phillip II didn't just tack on any Balkan region to the expanding Macedonian kingdom but, as logic would dictate, people with similar ethnic traits, culture, language and traditions. The Macedonian Kingdom stretched all the way north along the Danube River and north-east into the Danube Delta Estuary on the Black Sea. But that doesn't mean he incorporated all these regions into Macedonia proper. There were Balkan regions that he obviously couldn't incorporate into Macedonia proper because of overarching communal differences or even outright hostility. He turned these into Vassal states rather than incorporate them into Macedonia. In time, even the kingdom of Paeonia, which sat just north of Lynkestis became a part of Macedonia proper and my guess is that this was facilitated by, again, the similarities between the two peoples.
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Not basing this information on anything written by Greeks or Albanians, basing it on other stuff I've read over the years. I fail to see how acknowledging the lack of uniformity in the population of Ancient Macedonia somehow weakens our claims and plays into the hands of our enemies?

Macedonian was founded as a union of multiple different tribes and the kingdom expanded to incorporate other peoples over the centuries. It's a given that the population was heterogenous.
I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.
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