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Tomche Makedonche
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Although it is quite uncommonly used (to be honest, I can't remember the last time I heard anyone in my immediate family use it), the word does exist in my neck of the woods, specifically in reference to a banquet table as Dragi described. I know Serb’s use it too and I guess I took it to be more of a foreign influence, but who knows, again we don't really use the term.
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lol. Well at first I was surprised that the word was used in both the Stip and Ohrid dialects considering how different they are.

I tried to do some research because I was intrigued by the fact that the word appears to have Greek origins, which is rare for most dialects out of present day ROM. After talking to some older folk, turns out the word Trpeza is a very old word, one that my great grand parents would have used, in Ohrid it has been replaced with other words except for Trpezarija which is still the most common way to call a dining room, but all other forms of the word are basically not in use anymore.

It seems that many languages in the Balkans and Southern Europe use some form of the Greek Trapeza.

Here is most likely the reason that the word is so widely used.

"In a monastery, a trapeza (or refectory), is the dining hall where monks and pilgrims gather for food and conversation"

It seems to have religious meaning especially in Orthodoxy, which would explain its wide use.

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А бе знаев дека вие Штипјани и Охриѓани сте грчишта
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Momce Makedonce
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Love this video from last week. Really want to know the song playing at 6:20.
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