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Originally Posted by nushevski77 View Post
You shouldn't; prespa doesn't have jurisdiction on Macedonians in the diaspora. Furthermore the point that Macedonians will just decide to forget who they actually are because of a political agreement that is illegal is hilarious. We know who we are and we will never forget it, we have for centuries and we will continue to.
You know who you are? So, who are you? Give us the short answer.

Originally Posted by nushevski77 View Post
Don't be surprised if it's annulled next year. It is anti-Macedonian and had 36% voter turnout so it is not law binding under legal laws it had to hit the 50% mark to be official. VMRO-DPMNE will reverse it and have many options whether they use the constitutional court or pass legislation, it will be over.
To be honest I didn't really know there is such a realistic and believable option. Does VMRO-DPMNE really claim that, are they clear about it?
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