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Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
Not sure if this topic has been done before but it might be a fun way of discussing views on the latest Movies or TV shows that the members have seen or want to comment on...

I decided to open the thread based on my viewing of 'Django Unchained' last night and the subsequent diametrically opposite opinions of the movie with my partner.

I thought 'Django' sucked, she loved it.
Most movie reviewers have given it a high score (but what do those fuckers know?)

Firstly, too fuckin' long...even sprawled out in Gold Class I was on the verge of developing bedsores.

I thought the Christoph Waltz character (Dr. King Schultz) was too similar to his character in 'Inglourious Basterds' (Hans Landa). I think Tarantino is getting a bit boring by rehashing the same actors to play similar roles in different movies, case in point, Samuel L. Jackson (Stephen) as another trash talking, uppity 'nigger' (similar persona to the characters he played in 'Pulp Fiction'-Jules Winnfield and 'Jackie Brown'-Ordell Robbie)

Tarantino has again gone down the historical revisionism path with 'Django Unchained' as he did with the Jews taking their revenge against the Nazis in 'Inglourious Basterds'.
In 'Django' the 'niggers' get their bloody revenge against their 'masters' in blood-curdling scenes reminiscent of the 'Kill Bill' intallments.

Then in typical Tarantino fashion, he pulls one of the most ridiculous scenes out of his arse, i'm still scrathing my head wondering why Tarantino himself and Australian actor John Jarratt play small roles as a couple of cowboys with AUSSIE accents escorting Django (Jamie Foxx) to a mining company. Tarantino's aussie accent is nothing short of bizarre and even Jarratt's accent is over the top...crazy scene.

I liked DiCaprio as plantation owner Calvin J. Candie and it was good to see good ol' Don Johnson as another plantation owner, Spencer 'Big Daddy' Bennett in possibly the movies best scene, when leading a gang of hooded horsemen in a raid against Schultz and Django...very funny but even that was a little drawn out.

I give 'Djang Unchained'... 2/5 stars
lol at your use of 'nigger'

I agree, tarintino sucks and is over rated. His movies have gotten worse and worse

The only good movie he made, was from Dusk till Dawn, and it wasnt really his movie
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