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Originally Posted by Epirot View Post
Nice quote, Carlin

However I've some quibbles here. Not always the attempts to change the long established interpretations are correct. In some cases, that radical change is undertaken by some ''scholars'' who are not entitled in doing professionally that. I rather think some of them endeavor against everything perceived indiscriminately as being 'old'', ''conservative'' or ''traditionalist''. This can be seen especially in Balkans. Almost in every country there is a rise of ''de-constructionists'', mostly not motivated by scholarly goals. I've seen blatant examples of some of them lacking of any historical knowledge. Yet they attempt so hard to have their take on history in spite of fact they offer nothing of substance. Their ''professional'' credentials are best attested by the fact that their books are sponsorized by ''Soros''. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not principally against new interpretations if substantial knowledge has come to light. I prefer to maintain a moderate scepticism in regard with ''old concepts''.
Good points all.

I would describe myself as a sceptic for the following topics: ethnic, national, and religious identities and traditions. I consider ethnic/national/religious identities and beliefs social constructs, period.

In the Balkan nation-states, the process of construction of national identities remains largely undiscussed as well as concealed from view.

What TM provided here, with one single source from 1859, shatters the basis of modern Greek, Bulgarian, and Serbian nationalist discourse with respect to Macedonian identity and history.
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