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Osiris, here are some examples of how similar Latin and Gaulish were:

Gaulish - Latin - English
-cue - -que - and
es - ex - out of
are - ante - before
ver - super - over
allos - alius - second
tarvos - taurus- bull
tri - tres, tria - three
more - mare - sea
rix - rex - king

Celtic peoples were called different names: Gauls in France, Belgae in Northern France, Galates in the Balkans and numerous tribal names everywhere. But there is no doubt that they all spoke one language, or similar varieties of the same one. This comes from town names, inscriptions and Celtic words written down by Greek and Roman authors. Their language system is what is called "Classical Celtic": it was very close to the Italic group of tongues, and Julius Caesar even had to write his letters to his legates in Greek for Gaulish leaders not to be able to read them if they might happen to gain hold of these missives. He did so because Latin could be understood by Celts quite well without having had to study it.
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