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Originally Posted by JJAskiz View Post
True that beh, the so called Gayreek Gypsies are nothing more then Turko-Albanians, that is why when King Otto came to Gayreece (Hell Ass) he said "Where are the Gayreek Gypsies here in Gayreece (Hell Ass)?, There are only Albanians here". And the Greeks did a population exchange with the Turks and sent the Muslim Greeks to Turkey while the Turks sent the Christian Turks to Gayreece (Hell Ass) and they got Hell Assnized and became Gayreek Gypsies which makes and also proves the Gayreek Gypsies from Gayreece (Hell Ass) of Turko-Albanian origin.
relax with gayreek and Hellas, what your saying is means well, it just sounds so ridiculous especially for someone reading from the outside in, keep it civilized and smart.
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