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I believe the tribes that made up the Macedonian nation before the Macedonian nation existed were all related independent Indo-European tribes that had a mix of Pelasgian/Brygian origin as they inhabited the Macedonian territory. These tribes wanted to be independent and some even had their own kingdom (Lyncestians and the Paeonian tribes that made up the temporary Paeonian nation that later became Macedonians). When the Macedonian kingdom was created this is where the Macedonian nation started, incorporating the other related Indo-European tribes into the Macedonian kingdom and nation.

Does anyone know which Macedonian tribe the Agread dynasty of Macedon came from? Here’s my quick thought on it.

It’s known that the Agreads came from Argos Orestikon (which later became part of Ancient Macedonia) who most likely moved away to Emathia and founded the Macedonian kingdom and named the main city Aegae. Therefore, the Macedonian royal family and the first real king of Macedonia being Perdiccas I, were most likely part of the Orestian Indo-European tribe who would’ve most likely had traces to the Brygian people as they inhabited the Macedonian territory. Later the Macedonian royal family’s Orestian tribal members that stayed in Argos Orestikon completely became part of the Macedonian nation and kingdom in the 4th century BC.

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