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I agree with you Risto. And this is where Macedonia stands apart from the rest of her neighbors. No Westerner came into Macedonia with a little book of classics written in Germany and translated to either English or French and told the population that they were descendents of the ancient Macedonians.
No Westerner influenced Pulevski's writings as far as I know.
And the population held on to a religious identity - be it Christian, Jew, or Muslim - the longest. Today Macedonia's neighbors actually think that just because modern nationalism came late into Macedonia that the Macedonians do not exist or that early dibs on land and people were ok. No. This wasn't a game of speed or a game of whos dick is bigger than whos. The overall majority enjoyed the one common identity that for centuries they have held on to and it shows in how many Monasteries are strewn all over Macedonia. And that is a Christian identity.
Albanians do have a right to their identity. And they have every right to respect the ancient Illyrians that once inhabited that land. However it's just not possible,plausible, or feasible that these are the direct descendents of the ancient Illyrians who's language (remind you of someone already) has survived millenias.
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