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Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
Spartan, the Columbia source simplifies descriptions and information which renders it historically inaccurate.

I think this dynasty was from the Macedonia Theme, which could make them of Armenian or Slavic-speaking descent. Is there any source which goes into detail where it concerns their origins, or are their actions to preserve their empire enough to draw a conclusive 'ethnicity'?
I actually have read that there are "roots" from Macedonia of the first fathers of the Paleologos line.
My point(I should have been clearer, sorry) was that the last emperors from that line were from Mistras(Laconia), and many of their fore fathers had taken Greek wives(Its a pretty long line).
The Palaeologi did their best to maintain the cultural identity of the East Romans, the citizens of East Rome did not consider themselves 'Greeks' or 'Hellenes'.
With all due respect, there are many sources/historians who would disagree with your above statement SoM, but Id rather not get into that. I respect your view, but Im sure this issue has been thouroughly debated enough on these forums, and we all know the road which this topic will lead us very well
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