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2004: BMCR 2004.02.13 [Online]: Jona Lendering, reviewing W. Heckel/J.C. Yardley,

Alexander the Great. Historical Sources in Translation, etc. [Blackwell Publishing, 2004] and commenting on the cuneiform rendering of the name Aleksandros [╔Al░jandrow] as A-lek-sa-an-dar, which would imply that <<Alexandar is the Macedonian name>>; also the name Seleukos [S░leukow], cuneiform Si-lu-uk-ku, <<may also offer clues for linguists studying the Macedonian language>>. However, cf. the rendering of the name Aleksandros in Latin as Alexander, paralleling Alexandar [the name Seleukos is Seleucus]; as to a <<Macedonian language>>, where is that evidence?, although a study of the cuneiform rendering of Greek/Makedonian names may be of some interest.

A-lik-sa-an-dar = ╔Al░jandrow

An-ti-gu-ik-su = ╔Ant€gonow

An-ti-gu-nu-su = ╔Ant€gonow

An-ti-╔-ku-su = ╔Ant€oxow

An-ti-╔-uk-su = ╔Ant€oxow

At-tu-gu-un = ╔Ant€gonow

E-man-na-a-a = ▄Ellhn

Ia-a-ma-na-a-a = ▄Ellhnew

Ma-ak-du-nu = Maked≈n (Makedon€a)

Ma-ak-ka-du-nu = Maked≈n (Makedon€a)

Pi-il-ip-su = F€lippow

Pi-lip-i-si = F€lippow

Pi-lip-su = F€lippow

Si-lu-ku = S░leukow

Si-lu-uk-ku = S░leukow

The names are taken from A. K. Grayson, Assyrian and Babylonian Chronicles, vol. V: Texts from Cuneiform Sources, ed. A. Leo Oppenheim, et alii (J.J. Augustin Publisher, 1975)'2.htm
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