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Originally Posted by Spirit View Post
I am an avid student and reader about Byzantine history as it is part of our history and heritage.
This from the eminent historian Sir John Julius Norwich from Byzantium Volume 2. The Apogee on page 73 where he speaks about Cyril and Methodius mission
“Meanwhile, in the spring of the previous year, Cyril had set off on his Moravian mission - accompanied by his brother Methodius, almost as well qualified as himself for the task ahead. During an early career in government service he had been posted to a province with a largely Slav population, and he too had learned their language. Later, deciding on a life of contemplation, he had retired to a monastery on the Bithynian Mount Olympus; but when his brother invited him to share the burden of his new mission he had readily agreed to join him. The pair left Constantinople - as nearly as we can deduce - in the summer of 864, and remained in Moravia for over 3 years. According to an ancient tradition, Cyril invented a new alphabet with which to transcribe the hitherto unwritten Slavonic speech, and then proceeded to translate the Bible and parts of the liturgy. Oddly enough, the language he chose was MACEDONIAN Slavonic - only distinctly related to the Slovakian dialect spoken by the Moravians, few of whom could have understood a word of it; it therefore seems a good deal more likely that he had devised his alphabet with the Bulgars rather than the Moravians in mind, and that he later simply made his translations into the only Slav language he knew”.

I've never believed the language spoken in Macedonia during this period could of possibly been the same as spoken as far west as Poland and as far east as Russia.
I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.
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