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Maybe some of these services will improve in the future. Based on what you described about myheritage it seems to be similar to ancestrydna (I guess). Most of the people I contacted on ancestrydna didn't even bother to reply to me - they're also in "the thrill is gone" phase it seems.
Yep, especially now that we have discovered that 'DNA story' is bs.

To Amphipolis:

You should also try to determine what your Y-DNA haplogroup is. Carlin and me are J2a (more info:, all you need to do is download your raw data files on upload them to another website. One way of doing this is described in the link below:
Unfortunately you cannot accurately determine what your overall Y-DNA haplotype is (such as if you are J2a1-M319) since these require other DNA tests.

You can also try Gedmatch which has lots of functions, but the most interesting (and controversial) is the Oracle-4 admixture. This compares you with people from other ethnic groups and it tells you which groups of people you share a large admixture with. Unfortunately there are many models for this which give varying results and I think most are outdated.
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