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Not ready to write an essay about this speech, but I'll start with the first 2 minutes and the map, which is wrong and is actually a map of modern Greece.

Pella was a PORT (believe it or not), the size of Thermaic Gulf was double in antiquity, the area you can see between the sea and Pella (in his maps) was first... sea, later a mix of swamp, lakes and wide rivers through which boats would arrive at the PORT of Pella.

Pella was a typical Greek Mediterranean port with an extreme rate of trade (which is exhibited today in the Museum of Pella) thus the first argument (he uses it at the very beginning of his speech) that Macedonians were not Mediterranean because they were inland mountain people goes to the swamp… of Pella.

Dion was also a port which is also unbelievable if you visit it and see how far from the sea it is today. It also feels seemingly high in the feet of Olympus but the altitude is only 30m.

This is a better map I could find on-line.
This is a better depiction of the port of Pella.

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