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Originally Posted by Tomche Makedonche View Post
Came across this the other day, thought id put it up should anyone wish to discuss.
I watched the whole thing and, to be perfectly honest Tomche, I got the feeling that Kenneth was holding back. I'm sure he's well aware of Greek fanaticism and the peril that any historian puts himself in for daring to shatter the Greek myths on Macedonia. Even hinting at any non-Greekness of the Ancient Macedonians would cause an uproar in Greece so he has chosen to tread lightly and sugar-coated it in my opinion. Good on him though. It's about time Greeks started hearing this stuff more and more. The only claim they had on Macedonia was a supposed link to history (which was never a legitimate reason for the displacement and assimilation of existing peoples anyway). If that starts disappearing then they have no legs to stand on. They are left with only one card up their sleeve which, unfortunately for us, happens to be the trump card, the Turkish refugees from 1922 - Today's Greek Macedonians.
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