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Originally Posted by indigen View Post
Carl G. Liungman, the author of Symbols -- Encyclopedia of Westerns Signs and Ideograms.

Firstly, I think we need to establish what academic qualifications, if any, does this man have in order to establish whether we are looking at a credible and scholarly source for the above information and not some crackpot making things up or bending the truth to suit his agenda. If he has academic qualifications, we then need to asses what his standing and reputation is amongst peers in his field.

A bit of googling produces some results (he is published but still no info on his academic qualifications and training/expertise):

Of course, feel free to establish those academic qualifications according to you, because I can't remember who was the last that gave the "authority" to someone to establish "Authorities" and to set some criteria.

If there is particular objection to what I cited than make it precize, not with methods of 'Devil horns' in order to dismiss a whole theory.
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