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Originally Posted by Liberator of Makedonija View Post
That's the age-old question there, most of our knowledge of the Ancient Macedonians is centred on the royal family and ruling class, we know little of the general populace. I really have no idea if the average Macedonian of the time worshipped the gods of Olympus. If I had to guess I would say Olympianism would have been common in Lower Macedonia but likely not so much in Upper Macedonia. This is just a guess though, I am not basing that off any historical fact.
thanks, this is very interesting; I wonder if we will ever know, maybe a breakthrough in archaeology would lead us to a conclusion. But your guess with the lower vs upper Macedonia theory does seem plausible although where would you determine where the cutoff would be? If we were to use the modern borders to divide between upper and lower it would open a flaw in your theory with the city of Heraclea Lyncestis being in the upper Macedonia, I have very little knowledge of this city so its hard to say but wouldn't you agree that it would of had a factor of spreading Olympianism since it was founded by Phillip II?

Also a fallow up question, why did the Ancient Macedonians adopt hellenistic practices into there culture as well as hellenism? Or was this always apart of the ancient Macedonians?
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