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Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
There is a plethora of Macedonian literature from the 19th century written in the native tongue which demonstrates beyond any doubt the existence of the Macedonian language and its rich dialects.

While in the literature, the Macedonian name was not always employed, particularly during the earlier years of the national awakening, the local Macedonian vernacular most certainly was used. Hence, one only need read a song or poem recorded by the likes of the Miladinov Brothers from Macedonia to realize that despite the terminology used what exists there is purely literature in the Macedonian language.

This thread will serve the purpose of revealing the many examples of the abovementioned literature.
I have a quote were the Miladinov brothers explain why they labeled their book "B'lgarski" Narodni Pesni, I will post it later it will give us a new light on the issue.
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