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Default Boril's Synodicon

Hey SoM, recently i reed some new information for me about King Volkasin. He was named as a Macedonian King in the Synodicon of the bulgarian tsra Boril. I thought it is good to post this information here.
Here is the link where i reed this:

And this is a link about the Synodicon of Boril:


down to John Sisman. The entries acquire a poignant tone toward the second half of the fourteenth century, as they proclaim "eternal remembrance" for those who died fighting the Turkish marauders. Most touching is the mention of Kera Tamara, daughter of King John Alexander, who was given as "fiancee" to the Sultan Amurat, "for the sake of the Bulgarian people." The Synodicon also mentions the Macedonian King Vulkasin and his brother Uglesa, who died at the battle of the Marica in 1371, as well as "others who showed bravery against the godless Turks and shed their blood for the Orthodox faith."
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