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Before I was doing research about the ethnic composition of Himare, I had this discussion with an Arvanite who lives in Spetses. His name was Giorgos Bekas and unlike many Arvanites he acknowledged his Albanian origin. We also discussed about 'Arvanite' surnames, which I have mentioned some months ago here. I was told that 'Bekas' is an Arvanite surname (among with many others of course). When I was looking for Himare some months later I find a Greek historical figure from Himare with the same surname (Christos Bekas a Greek general of 1821 revolution).

A Vlach in fact told me that his ancestors had Greek names for centuries.

For instance, Panos Bitsilis a general consul of Russia in Albania, has descendants of his tribe (Bitsilis-Bixhili) to the present days who claim to be Albanian:

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