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The title of this thread is interesting, and I have already contributed to this topic in several/different previous threads.


In Summary:
- In the middle ages, "Greece" and/or the entirety of what was known as "Byzantium" was called ARMANIA / ROMANIA by its inhabitants. I have provided documented evidence for this.
- Speaking of Byzantium -- the following is my copy and paste:

An epigram in celebration of Porphyrius' role in overthrowing a usurper calls the Constantinopolitans Ausonians. The usage Ausonia = Byzantium became popular in the 12th century ("children of Ausonia" was used to describe contemporary Byzantines). Indeed, it appears certain from the sources that the "Byzantines" regularly called themselves Ausones, which was an ancient name for the original inhabitants of Italy. This was the standard "classicizing" name that the Byzantines used for themselves.

(As always, for the above, I can provide full sources; they are basically from the following authors: Elizabeth A. Fisher, Philip Rousseau, Anthony Kaldellis.)

- Last but not least I have provided ample evidence of many other little known historical and ethnographic facts which can be found throughout the forum threads.

PS: What caught my eye above is the claim that the entire Asia Minor (with some exceptions) spoke the same language as the "Thracians and Scythians". That's rather curious -- I saw many months ago (I forget the source unfortunately) that the shepherds (whatever language they spoke) of Asia Minor, in some pockets/areas of Asia Minor or modern Turkey, used to be called Romana until not long ago.

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