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Originally Posted by George S. View Post
Theres been certain people shall we say outspoken in the archaelogical world from greece who have been suddenly assasinated in the night.They spoke out in that the finds were too fantastic to be greek & they could not be possibly be greek
Names,addresses and dates,please,otherwise your scenario is pure science fiction.
Originally Posted by George S. View Post
Do people know that the greeks do not let outsiders to study artifacts unless it's approved by them.They only want you to see what they want themselves for youto see.
Do you know how many foreign archeological missions have operated in Greece from 19th century till today?Do you really believe the Greek state was so powerful or influential to censor all of them?
"What high honour do the Macedonians deserve, who throughout nearly their whole lives are ceaselessly engaged in a struggle with the barbarians for the safety of the Greeks?"
Polybius, Histories, 9.35
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