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Originally Posted by Slovak/Anomaly/Tomas View Post
Never. It happened only one part of it, the northern and eastern part. They still say "volk" or "vulk" in most of Serbia. However the newer pronunciation entered the literary language, but it was debated which form should be accepted. This newer form exists only in Serbo-Croatian. All other Slavic languages have retained the older form. Western Slavic languages retained the oldest Slavic form without the vowel: "vlk", "jablko", "vlna", etc. The oldest IE form reamains in Sanskrit "vrk".
Sory Slovak,but where in Serbia do they use Volk??I have been in Serbia many times and only i know it is Vuk,also Montenegrians use the name Vukašin,it is used often,and how about Serbo-Croat surnames Vukosavljević,Vuković,Vukić,Vukelić.....and how about Vuk Obradovič,negative hero from Kosovo battle. The only nations that use VOLK are Macedonians and Slovenians, В'К or ВЪКis used by eastern Macedonians and Bulgarians.

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