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Archbishop John of Sultanieh in his work Notitia Orbis from the year 1404, states as follows:

"VULGARIA SIVE BULGARIA ET FUIT BONA PATRIA, EST MODO DEVASTATA PER TURCOS" -- meaning that "Vulgaria or Bulgaria was a good land, and is now devastated by the Turks."

He further states something surprising about its inhabitants, noting that: "HABENT LINGUAM PROPRIAM ET QUASI LATINAM" -- meaning that the inhabitants of Vulgaria or Bulgaria "have a language close to Latin."

He then continues: "IDEO VOCANTUR VULGARI A LINGUA VULGARICA ROMANA" --> "Vulgari speak a Vulgar Roman language."

.. And "IPSI IDEO JACTANT SE ESSE ROMANOS ET PATET IN LINGUAM QUIA IPSI LOCUNTUR QUASI ROMANI" --> "which is why they brag about the fact they were Romans, and as is evident from their language they are of the same stock as the Romans."

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