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Originally Posted by Slovak/Anomaly/Tomas View Post
In eastern and central Serbia, with variations.

And I'm not talking to you anymore. I don't like you.
Fine you dont need to.I have a lot relatives in south Serbia,i have cousin in Vrnjačka Banja,i have uncle in Bosilegrad,nither of them say volk,first say vuk,second v'k my best friends are Serbs to,sory,i also have a coworker from Kosovo,he is from Štrbci vilage near Kačačnik,he also say vuk,and others Serbs that i know to.And you know what,isto tako vrlo dobro pričam Srpski,i neverujem da bi itko u Srbiji koristio reč VOLK.

Dont be mad but that is truth.

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