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Originally Posted by nushevski77 View Post
Gocka was right you aren't here to have a discussion but to humiliate and incite ignorance. I actually thought you were a normal greek person one able to have a normal conversation with. Although few I have met some, but you keep just antagonizing.
I’m a Greek person alight, certainly not a normal one.

Originally Posted by nushevski77 View Post
For what its worth I'll answer your question; I am a Macedonian. You know that too. And unlike you my ancestors didn't have to cross the Bosphorus from Anatolia to settle in Macedonia, They are the real Macedonians, indigenous to Macedonia put there by god.
OK, that doesn’t agree with the Prespa Agreement. It’s not stated clearly, but I guess it implies you were not put by God, but came walking with the Slavic descent.

By the way, since this is a DNA thread, the (uncommented yet) DNA statistics of post#263 DO support your repeatedly stated claim that you are rather linguistically Slavicized and not Slavic in blood.

Originally Posted by nushevski77 View Post
I don't fallow to closely, but I know that VMRO-DPMNE has stated it in press conferences. Not what I said they can do but just that they will reverse it.
Actually if your new Government really wanted to annul the Agreement that would be funnily interesting as it would embarrass the new Greek government that also claims to be against it. Theoretically, the Agreement would be easily annulled leading to a status quo ante. Yet, you wouldn’t be in NATO, as your President states in your post at another thread.


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