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Originally Posted by Carlin15 View Post
I recently asked a Thessalian man if there there were any Pontian refugees that settled in the region where his family lives. I also asked him what was his opinion in terms of the ethnic ancestry and heritage of the Pontians.

He replied that in his region, no. No refugees from Anatolia. In other parts of Thessaly there were some, but mostly people from western Anatolia and not Pontos.

He also said:

"Pontians were known as Lazi, which is the name Byzantines used for the nation today known as Georgians. But they are not exactly the same as Georgians. They are a mixture of many different tribes of Caucasus and Anatolia + Armenians."
They are not exactly Lazes either because of the major Armenian (and other Anatolian) influence on them. They have some ancient Greek ancestry too but it is safe to assume it is minimal, probably 5% or less.
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