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I don't think forgotten is the word id use more like look at greek propaganda of what it tries to say about macedonians.Apart from a few slip ups of where they have actually acknowledged us by mistake as endopi.They have chosen to ignore our existence.Our existence has allways been there even when sees the huge differences of greek & macedonian.They have dliberately ommitted to mention our identity is as seperate as chalk & cheese.You look at greek identity ithas never been called macedonian & the land it took in 1912 was illegal so to justify that they are trying to say that they are macedonians.That's why they are mudying the waters with references like slav macedonian,name issue,greek macedonian,greek macedonia.All the time trying to legitimse their claim by referring to the past 2000 years ago.I have got relos back in bukovo ,love the jagotki bukovo piper.also kisela voda.

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