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Default Macedonian period

Regarding the term "Hellenism" put forward by Droysen, the late N.G.L. Hammond, an international recognized expert on Ancient Macedonia argued for a substitution of the term "Hellenism" or "Hellenistic period" with "Macedonian period" in his Foreword in the book: "The Macedonian War Mashine" by David Karunanithy, Pen and Sword, 2013:
"The Macedonian Army" is a very extensive subject. For the Army was almost commensurate with the Macedonian State in the time of Philip and Alexander, Sections of the army continued to be the dominant factor in the subsequent period. That period has been called the "Hellenistic" period, which implies a decline from the "Hellenic" period. It should be called correctly the "Macedonian" period, in which Macedonian commanders and sections of the Macedonian army set up and maintained individual States."
Quiet clear in favor for "Macedonian period", I have to admit.
As I understand the argument of Hammond, he argues that the political and military power being in the hands of Macedonians for over 300 years, justifies that the period should bear also their name.
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