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Originally Posted by momce View Post
Sure why not. Thats what happens when a formerly elite culture is massified and polluted by 2000 years of incoherent history. Mind you I spent alot of time studying Hellenic pagan reconstructionism(as a conosseuir of a dead culture not that Middle Eastern barnyard) I can see very fine details. I am pretty much a strict follower of Fallmerayer on these questions. Actually I distinctly remember my college professors making fun of the greek students in ancient history class on occassion, all in good fun, and also pointing out that Macedonia was not part of Greece. Well that got a shock out of them. But yes in my long studies I figured out what greek was: pure malakia.
The modern Greeks have been lied to and brainwashed by their government, church and school system. What would you expect, shock is what you will get.
Macedonian Truth Organisation
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