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Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
Брате, со тоа не се согласвам, читаи долу:

......и поимъ братъ свои игуменъ Мефедии иди же, ви бо есть Селуненина, да Селунене вьси чьсто словаеньски бесаедують.....

That is how the original is written Sarafot. And as to which came first, Sloveni or Slavjani, it would again most likely depend on the source. What I do know for sure is that the Life of SS Methodius (Житие Методи) writes Sloveni, and this is a native piece of writing from Macedonia in the 9-10th century.
In that Žitie also say that he is a greek right?So how can he speak slavic language and then teach others to?Thouse old books are full of mistake,like my english spelling,in many books things are written and rewritten,tray ILIADA,it is full of Slavic words,and greeks say(and world) it is about greeks....dont you think that word greek(helenic) was something like balkaner today,i mean regional mark,like persians and greeks,today it will be Europeans and Asians..?
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