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Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
Sarafot, Western Slavs are not the only group who support that probability, if in Latin and/or Greek it is written as only SCLAVENI, you have to keep in mind that in the Macedonian language of Cyril and Methodius it was written as SLOVEN'SKI. This could have also been a simple reference to "The language", or "The speech" among the people on both sides of the Danube, which implies a collective commonality and also a clearly established link to the word SLOVO. What are your thoughts?
No it das not,it is SLAVJANI not SLOVENI,so it could not be slovo from SLAVJA,posible is only SLAVA,also Methodius say, we will spred language of gloryus Salonica,so in that way it will be Greek language right?But is not,if that will be so then we all would be speak Koine (modern greek) today.
Russians say Slavs comed from Carpati and they bring the books and letther with them,so on wich side were Carpati mountings for them,when we all know where was written first Cirilic azbuka(not alphabeth)becouse is (az buki vedi).....long story but for shure it is SLAVJANI not SLOVENI,Sloveni comes much later...
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