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I saw an article that talks about a 23andMe competitor that apparently does a "whole genome sequence" claiming ancestry companies like 23andMe analyze only 1% of the genome.

$600 USD is a bit expensive for me at the moment though, and I think the company doesn't have ancestry features, but with your entire genome you would in theory be able to use software or other companies to screen your DNA with others to compare how similar you are between each other.

-Veritas is lowering the cost of a full genome sequence from $999 to $599 and believes within two years it will be pricing in the $100–$200 range.

-The personal genetics company co-founded by Harvard scientist George Church thinks the price cuts will lead millions of consumers to seek their full DNA profile.

-Cheaper heritage and health tests from AncestryDNA and 23andMe from $99 to $199 have been purchased by millions, but a top Veritas executive said that is “like comparing a tricycle with a sports car.”
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