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Originally Posted by Serdarot View Post
great pictures

can you please try find / write more about the last picture?

and for those made in Bitolja / Monastir

also, where can be found the list of students who visited the Turkish Emperial military schools?

how much of the Archives (defterlar) from the Empire are kept?

Sorry, this is all info i have about last one.

AFAIK, These are some of buildings at Monastir, made by Turks. Especially the high school at 1st picture looks quite big and beautiful as well

Military school photos are taken when the students graduated. You can see their diplomas in their hands. Its not possible to know their ethnicity because after the Janissary system abolished at 1826, all the citizens of the Empire could go to military schools and be a soldier of the Empire. So, these students can be Greek, Turkish, Macedonian or maybe Bulgarian but to my knowledge, the students of the school at Bitola are probably muslim or Christian Macedonians, at least most of them. Maybe you can guess their ethnicity if you look for their names at the archival documents.

I think about %90 of archival documents of the empire from 1300 to 1923 still available today and i know, the authorities of that times was quite rigorous for note down every detail. I know that we even have the court decision of most of divorcements in all ottoman empire lands as early as 18th century. So, i am quite sure there are lists of graduated students at schools in Ottoman archives in Ankara, Turkey.

I also wrote a message here about Turkish archives;

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