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he 5 secondary biographies of the Alexander III of Macedonien were based on the today almost completely lost primary biographies by the contemporary authors. Those were certainly biased. (Lionel Pearson: The Lost Histories of Alexander the Great: American Philological Association (Philological Monographs, 20.), 1960.) The secondary biographies were written 300 years later, when the Macedonian “language” was, if spoken at all, was spoken probably only by the surviving members of the royal Macedonian dynasties (Cleopatra VII being may be the last one, as Plutarch reports in the “Life of Antony”). They could have been biased as well, although Macedonia did not exist then practically any more and that bias could not be in the essence a political one. These secondary biographies, well I do not intend to give citations here, you just have to read them to see how Hellenes and Macedonians are presented. They are in fact in quite explicit way ALMOST not “about Hellenes” at all. Those biographies speak about Macedonians. Sorry, this just could not be disputed.
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