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My iGENEA results have not come back yet, but I received my username and password to compare some of my information with others.

According to my Haplogroup is
I2a (more specifically I-P37.2). They cannot be more specific, because I did not order the upgrade for the Haplogroup test, but according to wikipedia;

I2a-P37.2 (P37.2) branches into;

* I2a1-M26 (L158, L159, M26) Typical of the population of the so-called "archaic zone" of Sardinia; also found at low frequencies among populations of Southwest Europe, particularly in Castile, Béarn, and the Basque Country
o I2a1a-M161 (M161) Very rare (1 in Puerto Rico)
o I2a1b-L160
* I2a2-M423 (L178, M423)
o I2a2a-L69.2 (L69.2(=T)/S163.2) Typical of the Balkan populations, especially the populations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia; also found with high frequency in Moldavia and Romania and high haplotype diversity values, but lower overall frequency, among the populations of Slovakia and the Czech Republic
+ I2a2a1-P41.2 (P41.2/M359.2) Very rare (2 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1 in Turkey, 1 in England and 1 in Croatia)
o I2a2b-L161 low frequency in Ireland and Great Britain

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