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For a nation on the brink of cultural extinction (forget the politics, I mean just the exodus out of the country and the assimilation that happens as well as the declining population growth rate among ethnic Macedonians), and with a language that is a minimun of 1000 years old, one of the oldest surviving languages in the world.

Given all that, it should be an utmost imperative to do all we can to keep the culture and language alive, and find creative ways to promote it and embed elements of it into the global mainstream.

Surely we have some nice sounding nursery rhymes that could be a start. The way 'frere jacques' and 'alouette, gentille alouette' are.

Something like
Стани, стани детенце
Надвор пее петленце
Пее кукурика
Тебе ми те вика

I'm on a mission to find someone who can sing, to get a list of nursery rhymes, sing them out onto YouTube videos, with lyrics and english translations. Any help would be appreciated, even if there's a book I can find an order from Macedonia with the lyrics that you can share a link or intro to.

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