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Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
Irrespective if we like it or not, we are Macedonians. Period. It is your country that goes around telling other people who they are and are not. You're not as dumb as you're trying to act, so open your eyes and don't waste forum space with your garbage. If the racist country that you live in didn't go around telling other people who they are and are not, there would be no problem between Macedonians and Greeks. Always remember that. We can live our lives without worrying what the clowns in your country are doing, it is you who can't live your lives unless the Macedonians change their identity. 20 wasted years of poisoned relations because of your paranoid and misguided garbage.
Granted SOM, but you just dont want to accept that the very fact of accepting that type of terminology from a political and not limited to standpoint would imply a seperation between Macedonians and Greeks. That is anathema, and it is just simply impossible to solve. We have been over this, I wont try to promote or downplay any views here. I am just giving you an honest answer once again. On the other thread of Mirskov, he says it clearly yet nobody noticed it.
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