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Originally Posted by TrueMacedonian View Post

But the topic is not about Macedonians. It's about your kind and the Albanianess of your kind. Squirming and worming your way around still doesn't change the fact that in 1916 the majority of your soldiers spoke Albanian. 1916 is less than a hundred years ago. Is this BS with hellenism really supposed to make a believer out of us? I hope that you're fully brainwashed into believing in it because reading something like the above would cancel my yearly subscription to Parnassos.
You are right...this Albania" book is like a Bible.
We must swear on this from now on.

PS-TM are you a kind of obsessed with dna? You know..clear blood and all the stuff..
I guess you were tested,and the results were "100% Macedonian-son of Alexander the Great" You must start lessons of Greek then..your Dad was speaking them fluently
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