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According to the testimonies divulged in the book "Bulgarians of Morava, Historical and ethnographic sketches" by the Bulgarian Gavriil Zanetov, regions of central, eastern and south-eastern Serbia were teeming with Romanians, Bulgarians, and settlers who arrived to some of these parts from Macedonia as well as from other nearby areas. There was apparently an "early migration" of Macedonians in northern Bulgaria, likely after the coming of the Ottoman Empire to the Balkans.

Here are some examples.

1) "At the beginning of the 19th century in Shumadija, Morava and the end of the Danube the population was very sparse. In previous centuries, there was talk of a compact population in these parts, which probably emigrated to the north, without preserving memories of it. As early as the beginning of the 18th century we found the area east of the Morava, along the Mlava, Peka, Porechka rivers and the Negotin region - inhabited by Vlachs from Banat and Wallachia. Along the Morava there are traces of immigrants from Vidin, Skopje, Herzegovina and elsewhere, from the same time. The people ... around Zajechar and several Serbian villages around Negotin have been resettled since the same time, if not earlier. The settlement of the Turks in the Peninsula forced the population to move from the south to the north. One of the earliest migrations was that of the Macedonians in northern Bulgaria, where they settled in the so-called "Arnaut" villages. In the 18th century, Vlachs from the town of Moscopole were scattered north through Bulgaria."

2) "A traveler through Serbia in 1829 said that there were a large number of Bulgarians and Vlachs among the Serbs. "The number of Bulgarians and Vlachs settled in Serbia is growing every day and is increasing with new immigrants." Prince Milosh then expressed that Serbia already had twice as many inhabitants as it had ten years earlier."

3) "The population along the Danube and the Sava is mixed, in every village there are migrants from different countries. In the south-eastern parts ... there is a population in the villages of Sremchitsi from Elashnitsa to Nis from the Bitola village of Buf ... In Pozharevac area near the Danube there are many migrants from Macedonia - Kichevo region, Tetovo region and from Bulgaria - from Vidin from Znepole."

4) "The Shumadijans call the immigrants from the east Bulgarians. They call the settlers from Macedonia - even when they are Slavs - Tsintsari or Shijatsi".

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