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Hi S.O.M.

Great work. To further add to it, I feel Isocrates' letter to Philip should be seen together directly in comparison with Demosthenes' response to Philip as they both respresent the two main Greek approaches to the inevitable forseeability of Macedonia's future invasion and enslavement of Greece. While Demosthenes takes the line of total definance, Isocrates on the other hand takes a Neville Chamberlain like approach of appeasement in order to try to gain the best outcome for the Greeks in the inevitable recognition that Macedonia will soon invade and occupy Greece. Isocrates to attempts to appeal to Philip to go easy on the Greeks by invoking the of Argive myth of the Macedonian royal family (the Argead house) being descended from Greeks originating from Argos.

It is interesting to note that when Demosthenes states the Philip is 'not a Greek nor related to the Greeks', he is commonly misinterpreted as referring to the Macedonian people in general as being 'not Greek'. This is not the case. From Demosthenes and Isocrates works it is clear that they both considered Macedonians to be a non-Greek foreign people as a generally acknowledged universal fact. When Demosthenes states that Philip is 'not a Greek' he is directly attacking the Argive myth of the Argead house being descended from Argive Greeks. When Demosthenes states that Philip is 'not a Greek' he is stating that he is not an 'Argive Greek', but is simply as non-Greek foreigner who has no connection to the Greeks whatsoever (he is simply just a Macedonian, a non-Greek people who don't even make good slaves).

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