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Originally Posted by Risto the Great View Post
Have you had a response to this GP?
Yes, I had.

They answered that the monument of G. Castriot is posted by Chair Municipality (Општина Чаир) and that the Ministry of culture issued an order (dated july the 01, 2009) to the Municipality to add an appropriate text in Macedonian language. I have checked 1 month ago and there was still no text in Macedonian. Next days I will chack again. The Општина Чаир is prevalently populated with Albanians and its mayor is a very nationalistic man. He posted the monument without respecting any law-procedure (for instance, without asking the City for building permission). The monument was made in Albania and transported to Skopje in a very pompeus and provocative way. The discovering of the monument was in the same manner. I have doubts that he will just like that obey the order of the Ministry of cilture

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