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Originally Posted by Momce Makedonce View Post
In terms of the Kutlesh discoveries is it possible the one burial that has the sun with less rays was from an earlier time period? I have heard that the rays on the Macedonian sun represent the number of Macedonian tribes multiple times both from Mario's History Talks but also other instances. I don't really know where it comes from and whether it's from some evidence or theory, I would have to let someone with more knowledge on the subject enlighten me.
It depends if you believe the current narrative that the more elaborate burial casket contained the bones of King Phillip II and the other casket with the 12 rays contained the bones of one of his wives. If that's true, then it's hard to argue the rays representing the tribes point of view since both husband and wife were from the same era. If, on the other hand, they got it wrong, and the two burial caskets are from different eras, then who knows...
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